Designing an Intuitive Webflow Site for Employee Wellness.

Web Design
Webflow Development

SelfTalk is on a mission to improve workplace productivity by helping employees tackle dysfunctional thought patterns. As the lead web designer, my task was to create a digital platform that clearly communicated their ethos and provided an easy-to-navigate user experience. This project required translating complex psychological concepts into a user-friendly digital interface, making sure the website was not only visually pleasing but also a space that invites exploration, learning, and growth.

Promoting Positive Mindsets with SelfTalk.

The primary goal of this project was to bring SelfTalk's innovative approach to enhancing workplace productivity to life on the web. Key features include a clear explanation of their methodology and the benefits it brings to businesses. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for visitors to understand the concept, encouraging them to explore and ultimately take action. The website serves as a functional and inspiring platform, embodying SelfTalk's mission of fostering positive states of mind for improved workplace performance.