Lala Pashayeva Portfolio

Empowering Creativity: Transforming Lala's Digital Design Portfolio with Next-Gen Webflow Features

Webflow Development
Visual Design

When Lala approached us, she already had a promising career in digital design and visual identity but lacked a portfolio site that would do justice to her work. The challenge was to craft a visually stunning and functionally seamless platform that would both encapsulate Lala's vibrant designs and stand out in a saturated market.

Innovative User Experience for Maximum Impact

We leaned into cutting-edge features like custom cursors for each project, unique hover interactions, and smart use of background color changes to differentiate sections. The goal was to craft an environment where Lala's work wouldn't just be displayed, but experienced. And of course, it all had to be easy to update and maintain. We achieved this by building the site using Finsweet’s client-first v2 methodology, adhering to Webflow’s best practices.

Given Lala’s constantly evolving portfolio, it was crucial to develop a site that she could update without a steep learning curve. We engineered a seamless CMS integration that allows for easy updates and new additions, ensuring the website can grow in tandem with her creative ventures.

A New Visual Narrative with Parallax Scrolling and Dynamic Animations

First impressions are often lasting ones. That’s why we utilized parallax scrolling for the hero section, with an H1 text that changes color as it moves over the hero image. This dynamic element, along with other subtle yet compelling animations, elevates Lala’s site from being just another portfolio to a vivid, interactive experience.