Breakaway Music Festival

Engineering a dynamic Webflow site for a premier music event.

Web Design
Webflow Development

Breakaway Music Festival is a dynamic event that aimed to set the bar high with its online presence, reflecting the energetic atmosphere of the festival itself. As the lead web designer & partnering with Craze, I was tasked with transforming their vision into a vibrant, user-friendly website. Collaborating with a diverse team of professionals, I was involved in every step of the process. From crafting initial concepts and creating wireframes, to fine-tuning details and launching the site, each phase presented its own unique challenges. The goal was not only to design a visually compelling site but also to ensure seamless navigation, ticket purchase, and event information for festival attendees all across the United States.

Setting the Stage for Breakaway Music Festival

This project's main goal was to design an engaging and immersive online experience for the Breakaway Music Festival, a multi-location event hosting major artists like Young Gravy, The Chainsmokers, Oliver Tree, and Tiesto.

Artist Highlights and Event Information: Detailed and accessible information about the line-up, schedules, and ticket sales was presented, with each artist having their own interactive feature linking to their Spotify page.

Crafting a Unique Experience for Each Location

We aimed to bring the unique essence of each festival location to life using colour-coded themes and mascots.

  1. Location-Specific Storytelling: Every festival location had its dynamic CMS page, featuring location-specific details all wrapped in its unique colour theme.
  2. Music Integration: To enhance user engagement, we embedded Spotify playlists for each venue, allowing users to preview the festival music.
  3. User Engagement: We fostered interaction by providing multiple engagement avenues such as email and SMS sign-ups, social media shares, and accessible communication channels.